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Unusual small crochet heart pattern

New interesting crochet heart pattern leaves you with a great visual that you can make to match just about any idea of composition. This project is suitable even for beginners, but it will be interesting for experienced crocheters. Between the design and forms, you'll enjoy crocheting hearts elements as much as you enjoy the finished project. We can see right-handed video lesson and written pattern below.

Easy small crochet heart pattern

Time to make: 7 minutes;
Difficulty: Beginner (easy skill).

For work we need:

  • Cotton yarn (or any other yarn).
  • 2-2.5mm crochet hook. Make sure that the handle is comfortable for you. If you correctly choose the materials, you can make really neat sweet heart.
  • Scissors.
Recommended heart colour: pink, red, lilak or blue. In this pattern i used classic bright pink tint of yarn.

Video tutorial

This heart has interesting base — small crochet ring with hole in the center. Main part of this project is crochet strip, which fixed to this ring in both places. The strip was twisted around V-indent of the heart. This detail of decorative thing or love gift looks like original.

So cute! Like this video? Pin it to see later and share to each other.

Written pattern

I made this unusial crochet heart with a curl to add some new to collection of little and easy heart tutorials. We can make this product as quickly as possible. If you follow this easy instruction, your project will looks like shown in photos.

how to crochet small heart

We will make the heart in three steps:

  1. Form a circle (ring of single crochet stitches).
  2. Make a thin crochet tape — heart's main component.
  3. Wrap your tape around V-indent to make a curl in the middle.

Small base round

Start with a magic ring. In most projects it is used to get started with no hole in the center of the work. But if you refer to the main photo, you will see that once circle tightened, hole is left.

Make the magic ring in 4 steps:

  1. Take the yarn. Keep the working yarn furthest away and the tail close to you. Wrap the working yarn around your finger and move to left.
  2. Pull the hook down up through first loop from right.
  3. Grab second loop and pool it through.
  4. Wrap free thread around hook (make yarn over) and draw yarn up. How we have one loop.
Make first stitch — single crochet (sc) in a ring. Insert hook inside ring (you are crocheting over the loop and the yarn tail), grab the yarn and pull it through. Now we have 2 loops. To complete sc, make yarn over (yo), draw the yarn through all loops. Put 13 more sc into the ring. Pull on the tail until the sc form flat circle, but the center hole shouldn't disappears.
Fasten off using slip stitch (sl st).

Crocheting the main part of the heart

crochet heart undestandable pattern

As soon as we did a circle, keep going with 40 chains (ch). Looking at the ring. Skip 3 stitches (st) count from last sl st, make sc in the 4th st and another sl st in the 5th st.

Turn the work to crochet around the stitches of the previous row. Now we should insert hook inside chaining every time when we need another sc. Make 28 sc to create your small crochet heart like on the photo, but you can made how much you want. Looking at the ring below. We see 3 stiches beetwen 2 sides of the heart. Skip one of that loops and make treble (triple) crochet in the second one.
Come back to the chaining. Go ahead and crochet 28 sc or as much as you decided for yourself.

Elegant heart shape

When you getting to end of the row, drop the loop from the hook. Be careful when you remove the hook. I adviсe draw yarn up on 3-5 cm. Wrap left tape (part of work) around itself, turning to the right. Insert hook in the loop to continue crochet little heart. Make sl st in the stitch, that is after the chain attachment.
small crochet heart applique pattern

Finish off and weave in ends. Crochet heart complited! Repeat the process to make some similar hearts.

Make small crochet heart using double crochet

I suggest to creating another project, that looks similar to the previous one, but it is an unique interesting product. Lesson a bit different from the first heart. The main difference is using double crochet instead single crochet.

Detailed pattern in this video

Let's watch super easy crochet heart tutorial!
Use this mini crochet heart later for your own project or share with friends, don't forget save this idea.

Written instruction

Small heart free pattern. For this heart, itsn’t important to keep the original amount of the stitches. If you will add or cut down a few stitches, the heart will look differently from the original pattern.

Make a magic ring (detailed instruction of how to do it is higher). Now we have 1 loop and need 2 more loops. Work in the adjustable ring. Make 30 dc, sl st in the top of 1st dc to complete the round. Pull the short tail of the yarn to make a ring almost closed. I propose to leave a tiny hole to save interesting element form of the base segment of the heart. Continue working with 40 ch, then sl st in the 4th stitch from beginning of the chains. Also make another sl st in the next stitch.

Turn the product and working around chaining. Use sc, hdc (yo, insert hook in the chain space, carrying the yarn through the circle, yo and draw through all 3 loops), dc 26. Make treble crochet (trc) in the top of second stitch from beginning of the chains (between beginning and the end of chaining). Keep moving anti-clockwise with 26 dc. Complete the row 2 with hdc and sc.
Drop the loop, wrap left part of work around itself, turning to the right. Inserk hook in the loop and make sl st in the next free stitch on the ring.

Fasten off, cut the thread and weave the end.
small heart pattern for beginners

Where are you can use this mini hearts?

I'm sure that you will find this heart worthy application, but in my own way I decided to offer a few optimal ideas. So, a small crochet heart is usable for such purposes:

  1. Perfect DIY Birthday or wedding gift. To implement this idea should be used scrapbooking card. You can glue this pretty small heart on a box of chocolates, gift wrapping, make appliques or designing your home with them. Make a hanging loop using end tail to string your heart on the wall or decorate some things.
  2. Crochet garland for decorace your room before Valentine's Day come. If you want to creating heart bunting, use the same hook, when you crochet each product. Also make ch 15-30 between them. When you crochet garland this way, join elements as you go. Also you can create some hearts and sew them to long crochet ribbon.
  3. Glue and stick little hearts on a headband, scrunchy or make crochet crown, tiara.
So, decorate your room with this teeny tiny heart or give it as a gift.
If you were looking for some of outstanding crochet patterns, I
hope you found what you wish. 

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